What does BTU stand for?

British Thermal Unit - this is the unit of measurement for air conditioners

How quiet are the units?

Please refer to the specifications under Quote Generator for details. Aircondi units are on par with most major brands and better than some

Can I buy an Air Conditioner that Cools only?

Yes - on average it costs R 500-00 less than a unit that cools and heats

Is it expensive to heat with my air conditioner?

Aircondi 12000 BTU units cost 44c per hour to run and produce 3,2 kW of heat. A conventional 2 bar electric heater costs R1.40 per hour to produce the same amount of heat. Aircondi air conditioners are heat pumps and do not use electric heater elements making them on average, 65% more efficient than conventional heaters. Save money this winter, click here for more info.

Do I need to install a separate power supply?

Up to and including 18000 BTU Aircondi units are considered domestic appliances and can be plugged into a standard wall plug socket. Upwards from 18000 BTU (some models) air conditioners need an isolator installed

Do Aircondi install isolators?

No, a qualified electrician must carry out this work

If the Quote Generator supplies two options, what size unit should I choose?

As a general rule it is better to upsize however, if the unit is to be installed in a bedroom you may wish to consider the smaller unit because of lower night time temperatures and the noise factor

Who installs my aircondi airconditioner?

Our company has dedicated, highly trained professional installation teams who will give you the highest quality installation. As part of our commitment to total customer satisfaction, feedback from all our customers concerning their installation experience is encouraged.

How long do I have to wait for installation?

Installation will be carried out at the earliest mutually convenient opportunity. The longest you can expect to wait is between 7-10 working days. If there is any difficulty with stock supply, you will be kept informed

Do Aircondi keep spare Parts?

Yes - Aircondi spare parts are kept in our stores warehouse. Supply of spares for other brands is subject to order and availability

What do I need to do to keep my Air Conditioner in good working order?

Take out a Service Maintenance Contract with Aircondi and clean the filters at two week intervals

How often does my air conditioner require servicing?

On average, twice a year

Do Aircondi offer Service/Maintenance Contracts?

Yes. Contact our office for details as these vary from brand to brand

What are the Warranty Periods on the brands Aircondi sell?

The warranty applies to parts only. You will be charged for the call-out and labour

- 2 years
- 1 year
- 1 year
- 1 year
- 1 or 2 years depending on unit
- 1 year

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